Josh Bailey

New York Islanders (NHL)

QuoteTraining with Mark has really helped my development, my speed and strength have made big gains every summer. The atmosphere at the gym is great, everyone who trains with him enjoys coming in and I really think he gets the most out of everyone…


Ryan Hamilton

Edmonton Oilers (NHL)

QuoteI am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with Mark and ETS for the past 3 years. His knowledge, training commitment and dedication are what helps me and guides me into becoming the best player I can be …

Paul Ranger

Paul Ranger

Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)

QuoteI enjoy training with and learning from Mark. We have known each other for 8 years now and have been training with him since then.

Most recently, we have become close friends. He is always challenging me with new, innovative training methods and exercises. I challenge him and he is more than willing to provide the knowledge in return. He is exceptional in this as I love to learn about it as well.

He is highly knowledgeable and is continuously improving his already successful training program. He is dedicated and is committed to his athletes achieving personal and athletic success. That’s what sets him apart from everyone else for me.

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Craig Fisher

Head Coach UOIT Ridgeback Men’s Hockey and former NHLer

QuoteI have spent my life involved in hockey as both a player and a coach and I am truly amazed at the advances in strength and conditioning that is now available to hockey players. It is extremely difficult for today’s athletes to separate themselves from “the pack” and it is impossible without a total commitment to fitness and nutrition.

Mark Fitzgerald is one of the top strength coaches in all of hockey and is at the forefront of maximizing athletes’ potential. I work out with Mark so that I can educate myself and understand exactly what an elite player goes through. Mark’s workouts give the Whitby Fury an edge all season long and are a huge advantage to our team’s success, as well as helping individual players work towards the OHL and NCAA.

Any serious hockey player coming out of ETS will know going into camp and throughout the season that they have pushed themselves to the limit and beyond.

Evan Jasper

Evan Jasper

Captain Sacred Heart University

QuoteTraining with Mark has really helped develop my speed, strength and power as a player to a level I have never reached before. His will to push his athletes is second to none and his professionalism at ETS provides a great environment for each individual to thrive. Mark is extremely knowledgeable as he is constantly learning new and innovative ways to train his athletes. Each athlete receives full attention of the training staff, which allows the athletes to perform exercises with great form and tempo.

I will continue to train with Mark and ETS and am excited for next summer to have him help push me to be the difference.