Dan Ladouceur

DRPS Tactical Support Unit

QuoteServing on the Tactical Unit of the Durham Police is both physically and mentally challenging. Through task specific training programmed by the coaches of ETS, the members of the Tactical Unit have been able to train for functional strength with improved endurance. This benefits us on drawn out situations or high speed dynamic operations. The mentality and philosophy of the ETS coaches and their team approach and atmosphere they create everyday makes it easy and enjoyable to train for our job, while surrounded by knowledge and enthusiasm. Team ETS and the Tactical Unit have a great partnership driven toward success.

Kate Beirness

QuoteIn June 2012 I got to a point where I was fed up with not seeing results from working out. I knew Mark through a mutual friend and although I thought ETS was strictly a place for pro athletes I decided to meet with him for a consultation. The minute I walked into the gym and saw the different equipment and the way the athletes were training I knew I was in the right place. Mark immediately changed everything about the way I trained, I went from being a long distance runner to doing a wide variety of exercises which included intervals, stretching and weight training. As a woman I didn’t want to get too bulky, but those concerns were quickly put to rest when I saw how my body started to looked toned! Beyond the training the staff at ETS evaluated my eating habits and completely changed how I look at food. I now view food as fuel and have more energy to train because of what I have learned.

I realize it sounds cliché, but ETS changed my life. I am exactly where I want to be and couldn’t be prouder of what I have accomplished with the help of all the trainers at ETS!


Lauren Giroux

QuoteI worked out regularly on my own but wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. I had begun looking for a personal trainer when a friend of mine told me about the ROAD TO 100 CHALLENGE. We went to check out the facility and meet the coaches and after Kelly assured us a number of times there were other girls and other non-athletes, we signed up to begin a long 100 days. (There was also the promise of cool gym swag). From the start it was great, my coach put me through an assessment we met to talk about my specific goals (think Beyonce) and then he provided me with a customized program. When you first get a new program one of the coaches will help you go through it, show you what to do and make sure you’re doing everything right and safely. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, they are always trying out the latest techniques and they’re constantly pushing you to be better than the day before. The Road to 100 was hard but in those 100 days I felt and saw changes in my body and in my strength that told me to keep doing what I was doing. The challenge may be over but I continue to include ETS as a part of my daily routine and my journey towards healthier living.

Matthew Baca


QuoteIf you’re looking to be challenged, pushed to your limits and back, along with building life-long friendships Elite Training Systems if for you. If you are a past or present athlete, or looking to get into the best shape of your life “Road to 100” and Elite Training Systems is a great start for a new beginning or helping fulfill a challenge in life.

I met Mark Fitzgerald back, 3 years ago and during this time I was in the period of training for the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge World Championships that year. Once I returned from worlds that off season, Mark took personal interest into inviting me in for a one on one meeting. During this meeting Mark took an in depth look at my schedule for work, my eating habits, past training & current training, sports experience, and future goals. From this meeting Mark arranged a one on one consultation where we went further in depth with fitness testing, movements, and among other aspects to figure out my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. From all of these collective meetings, Mark and his staff developed a strategic training program to achieve my goals, push me past my limits and bring me into a position to be at the top of my game.

Mark and the Elite Training Systems Staff have helped me meet and far surpass my goals in all aspects of training for competition, becoming one of the top competitors in the world. The attention to fitness detail also goes far beyond competition and transitions into helping me perform better as a firefighter while on duty serving the citizens in the community I serve.


Bruce Knapp Sr.

QuoteSon train for 4 years previous. During treatment at CP health, ETS was recommended to continue building/strengthening for long term recovery, pamphlet found for the Road To 100 Challenge…a new beginning. .. Difficult coming in at first…learn that you need to crawl before walking, then running. The staff seem to always go above and beyond to help, and the other clientele give a welcoming atmosphere.

Would I recommend the gym? Of course I would, but not to anyone not willing to work hard, and be comfortable being uncomfortable. My first 300 days, started with small goals leading to bigger ones, staff has helped along the way answering questions/giving ideas/helping with reality of missing goals. Gone from approximately body fat of 42% to 28% and I’ve lost a lot of inches! The changes so far have greatly helped normal daily living, can’t wait to hit my first final goal. Look forward to setting new ones after that.


Karen Carter

QuoteWhen I first started at ETS I was extremely intimated. Everyone seemed so much younger and athletic. I was simply a mom wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. I had recently begun a new job sitting at a desk all day. Along with that came the achy shoulders, back, etc. I was desperately looking for something that “would kick me into gear”.
I’d been to other gyms where clients walk around with ear phones going through the motions of their workout with very little input, if any, from the staff.

At ETS it’s more than a “gym”. The coaches take the time to get to know your goals and concerns. They prepare a personalized program for you and coach you to ensure you’re performing the exercises correctly to optimize the effects and to ensure no injury. This program is changed every month to ensure variety. In addition there is expert advice available on supplements and nutrition. There is constant coaching and encouragement from the coaches. No one is walking around plugged into their music. Everyone is working together encouraging each other and having fun.

Not only am I physically stronger but I am more confident and happier. I don’t “work-out” any more….I train to be a better me!


Karen Cooke

QuoteIn November 2014, I was having difficulty walking up and down stairs and was later diagnosed with arthritis in my knee. My doctor recommended that I start exercising to increase muscle mass to help take pressure off my joints. I approached ETS because my son participated in their athletic training program; I was familiar with the high caliber of training and he shared with me, that he’d seen other adult clientele, like myself attending ETS. When I reached out to ETS to share my interest, I learned that they had an Adult Back to Basic training program that would be perfect for me. From the moment I joined my experience has been nothing but positive. What I liked is that the coaches started nice and slowly with me, they guided me through various exercises and adjusted movements to accommodate my joint limitations and fitness level. It was completely acceptable to not know how to move or not be strong enough to lift weights, and best of all, I didn’t feel at all intimidated. They were so encouraging every minute, it felt like I had a personal mentor and coach every workout. During each session there was always a knowledgeable coach available to explain and demonstrate the exercises to me, monitor my progress and provide guidance and correction when required. Everyone is incredibly friendly, approachable and very motivating. They regularly took time to get to know me, introduce me to other cliental and make me feel like an important member of their community, the ETS family.There is such a sense of comradery, it’s really unlike any gym I have ever attended.

Mike Luck

QuoteI joined ETS in the fall of 2014. I had worked out for years at various other gyms. I found working out becoming increasingly harder to stay focused. I joined and got started into a world of exercise I had never done.

I’ve joined other gyms before, but they’ve always been a very solitary environment. You go in, maybe talk to one person or a trainer, and go about your workout while you watch TV alongside others doing the same. ETS is completely different. If you think of gyms as meat markets, ETS is a specialty butcher. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted with personalized service (It’s like Cheers, everybody knows your name), your workout is laid out for you, and when you’re finished, your recovery shake is waiting. If you don’t know how to use the equipment, there’s always someone there to teach you, and if you’re doing something wrong, they’re right there to make sure you don’t get hurt.

I thought I may have been intimidated by high-performance athletes around me…instead, I’m inspired! As you meet them, get to know their story and see how dedicated they are to their craft, you can’t help but be encouraged to work harder.

Most importantly, ETS has never pushed me to lose weight or build muscle…instead the message has always been ‘Get you moving’. It’s not about how much weight you can lift or how many reps you can do…it’s about making your movement count.


Dave Price

QuoteIf you are thinking about getting back to the gym or looking for a “different” type of atmosphere to continue training in, I would strongly suggest you consider ETS. This is the type of environment where you are setup to succeed on whatever level you want to be successful at. This is not a big floor space filled with machines and people working out all by themselves. This is not a facility specifically for the high end athlete (although there those who train here). ETS is more like working out with a personal trainer except it is multiple personal trainers. The staff takes the time to get to know you, sets up your program for you whether you want to work out 3 days a week or 6 and are always on the floor with you to make sure the training is done for the maximum benefit and no risk of injury. The atmosphere is one of enjoyment both in the training you are doing and the people around you. The coaches are constantly changing your program up and as a result, you as the athlete never get boarded with what you are doing and you see the best results. I have been coming to the “breakfast club” (a group of us that work out early mornings) for over a year now and have enjoyed it immensely. There are fun challenges throughout the year (ask about the 100 day challenge!) just to keep yet another level of motivation and variety for us all. Check it out. I think you will find ETS is different from all the other fitness facilities you have seen and in all the right ways!


Kari Huitema

QuoteI have been a HEAT adult client at ETS for about a year and a half now. I’m not an “athlete” by definition but a woman who loves to train and take care of herself. I have tried many types of personal training and gyms over the years, none have been anything like ETS. The training environment, coaches, comradery and attention to detail is like no other. The strength, knowledge and confidence I have attained in my time at ETS has helped me in my daily life as well as in my bedside nursing career. Just knowing that the coaches are going to be there to support my goals motivates me to continue to train. I can’t imagine going anywhere else. I advise everyone to come join the Elite Training Systems family


Katrina Duke

QuoteI joined ETS in January of 2015 by referral from a friend who teaches various yoga classes to the athletes in the summer. I was hesitant at first as I thought the gym was strictly for pro-athletes, something I am far from. I had never trained before ETS and needed all the help and instruction I could get. Since the beginning all the coaches have been extremely approachable, motivating and patient with me while I learn and ask a million questions about the program, my nutrition, etc, lifestyle changes I should be making to better my overall health.

Working with the coaches, I now have programs that are tailored specifically to me and my goals while giving me one on one support when needed. I truly believe the coaches want me to better myself as they are incredibly friendly and regularly check up on me to see how I’m doing, in and outside of the gym, and if I feel challenged enough encouraging me to do more. They have created such a positive and fun environment that I am always brightly welcomed into each day. I can truly say I laugh every time I’m there and enjoy going to the gym, something I never thought I would ever say.


Kayle Tronstad

QuoteSince joining ETS in spring of 2013 I was already a regular gym body at several chain locations. I went there to help keep a friend who was a member accountable and on track. What started as a two week trial has turned into an amazing learning experience!! What ETS offers that you will never find ANYWHERE else is a unified passion for its members and guests. They don’t just design your program and chart your progress, they teach you the WHY of what you’re doing, and its importance for long term sustainable results!! Over time my gains have been amazing. Their collective knowledge is something you will never find amongst a training crew at box gyms. They set up nutritional protocols, and are always striving to better the individual not just at the gym, but outside of it. For me I truly feel better at almost 40, than I have ever felt in my life, proving age is just a number!! We have access to cutting edge technology in the training facility, but the amount of training I see the crew doing outside of work, to better their knowledge is what, is really special.

As members, their knowledge is constantly being passed down to us!! Their mission is to treat everyone as an athlete, no matter what stage of life or journey they are on!! ETS is for everyone!! Their knowledge isn’t age specific, but specific to what goals you want to achieve!! They are without a doubt the best accountability partners I have ever had, and my results have shown for it!!


Grant Desjardine

Quote I started with ETS 2 years ago, and coming from a traditional gym, traditional training, I can honestly say I wish I had a ETS when I was much younger. The trainers have taught me the proper way to train, to lift, and to eat. I am healthier and certainly more fit in my forties than I was in my 30’s and even 20’s.
They switch up my routines every 3 to 4 weeks so that it never gets stale and is constantly challenging
my body. The most important thing they have taught me is that it’s fun to come in and train for an hour
a day, but the real workout is the other 23 hours a day on what goes in your body with proper nutrition and proper sleep.


Craig Smith

QuoteI joined ETS in the fall of 2014. I had worked out for years at various other gyms. I found working out becoming increasingly harder to stay focused. I joined and got started into a world of exercise I had never done.

Doing exercises that are a challenge to me every time I do them. Pushing myself and enjoying the outcome. ETS is a great family (coaches and fellow trainers) great atmosphere to train. I am not an athlete, I have never played any form of organized sports, that didn’t and has never mattered. Being uncomfortable, soon became my comfort zone. Love my gym, it’s a great way to start my day