Look, we get it.

On the one hand you want your young athlete to excel, grow and succeed at their chosen sport. On the other hand it seems like everybody out there wants to put their hands in your wallet.It’s a real balancing act (as if just being a parent wasn’t tough enough, right?)

No matter what your sport, we believe that reducing your athlete’s risk to injury is the top priority.  It doesn’t matter how amazing they are at their sport if they’re injured and on the sidelines.

There are many sport-specific training camps and programs out there that claim to improve your athlete’s skills but if those programs are subjecting your athletes to conditioning work like dry-land training without their functional movement quality being screened, then those programs could be putting your kids at risk.  This is a growing problem we’re seeing in today’s athletic developmental programs.  Programs are putting too much emphasis on skill development and neglecting athlete risk to injury assessment, movement quality, and proper strength training  The result is that athletes don’t actually get an Off-Season anymore to rest, recover, and get better for next season.


The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics says:

Overuse injuries, over-training, and burnout among adolescents athletes are a growing problem in the United States

Dr. James Andrews related to the NY Times says that he:

…now sees four times as many overuse injuries in youth sports as he did five years ago and that more children today are having to undergo surgery for chronic sports injuries


At ETS we believe in building the complete athlete through Training, Nutrition AND Recovery

We would like the opportunity to earn your trust. So first, we want you to contact us for a completely free, no obligation consultation.

During this consultation we will:

  • Go over the ETS philosophy and how it can help you and your young athlete achieve your goals in the safest and most efficient way possible
  • Discuss your young athlete’s season schedule, training, nutrition and medical history
  • Give you and your son/daughter a tour of our facility
  • Answer any questions you have about ETS Training packages and how we can work together to create a program that will work for you and your young athlete

If we agree to move forward, here’s what you can expect:


No matter at what point of your season you are in (in-season, off-season) the first session will be a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to collect baseline data on movement patterns and conduct an injury risk assessment for your child.


After identifying imbalances, movement dysfunctions and other problem indicators, we will begin implementing a corrective movement program so they will be physically prepared to begin our ETS Training program.


Once we’ve assessed and corrected your athlete’s movements then, and only then, will we begin a full strength and conditioning program to ultimately make your child stronger, more explosive, faster, and an overall more complete athlete for their sport.


In addition to our strength & conditioning programming, your athlete will have full access to our team and services, including:

  • Consultation and guidance from our Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Nutrition Consultation with ETS Coach Kevin Chapman – Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • Recovery Package – Sport Performance Drink and Post-Training Protein Shake
  • Supplements for Take Home Use and Pre-training


Our Nutrition Programs are focused on nutrition education. We teach and help build better nutrition habits. From offering Ready Made Meals for pre or post training, to Grocery Store Tours & Cooking Classes we train parents and athletes alike to become invested in their health & performance future. Which leads us to perhaps the most important part,


As part of your young athlete’s support team, we will be happy to communicate with you and your child’s coaches and/or trainers regarding our assessment findings, corrective movement recommendations, nutrition and strength & conditioning program.

We will always take the time to explain not just what we want your young athlete to do, but WHY. We believe in motivation through education.

Still not convinced?

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Give ETS 30 days and if you aren’t convinced that ETS is the BEST athletic training you’ve EVER experienced – we’ll give you your money back.Don’t wait until after an injury to get the expert advice you need to help your young athlete become the best they can be.
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