The minor hockey season is officially complete; meaning playoffs are in full-swing for junior and professional teams. With the whole of hockey season nearing the end, players everywhere are beginning to put a lot of thought into their offseason training – as they should. The offseason is a prime opportunity for athletes to hit the reset button and improve their game, both mentally and physically, to ensure they are a better athlete when they hit the ice come September.

OHL Gold Cup, Team Red

Elite Training Systems is heading into its fifth high performance offseason and we couldn’t be more excited about this upcoming offseason because of the upgrades we have made to the gym. We have installed new flooring, there are new Hammer Strength, Keiser and Iron Grip equipment and we have made additions to our coaching staff as well. Daniel Franceschetti, who was previously an intern of ETS has returned, and new to the team entirely, is Vince Lucente. Welcome to the team boys!


Below is how they, and the rest of the coaching staff at ETS can help get you prepared in the offseason, so you can be game ready for your next season.

OHF U15 Combine “Program of Excellence”


Our offseason program runs from May to August, with intakes in May, June and July – 16 weeks, 12 weeks and eight weeks. We have a multitude of options within the framework of our program to allow for customization to suit peoples’ needs, budget and schedule. ETS’s main objective is to provide a premier service for athletes where everything the program encompasses is under one roof. Our gym features state of the art equipment, coaches, therapy staff, nutritional support as well as two full-sized rinks where we have our athlete’s work on skills and skating. Here is a breakdown of what is included in a Full Program:


Strength and Conditioning:

Each athlete will receive an individualised program that is tailored to his or her specific needs. The full-program is five days per week.


Before any athlete begins a training program at ETS, they will go through an assessment conducted by one of the coaches. This assessment includes: goal setting, time management, injury history, biomechanical screen, body composition and nutritional support.

Recovery Package:

During training, athletes sip on electrolyte and branch chained amino acid drinks to ensure they are optimally hydrated and receiving all the necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals required to build muscle. Post training, athletes have the option to receive a protein shake to help their recovery process initiate right away. All products that are used at ETS are NSF tested, ensuring that our athletes are putting the best possible supplements into their bodies. In this program, all supplements are included.

Technical Skating:

Tracy Tutton is our in-house skating coach, and her speciality is breaking down skating mechanics and teaching players how to maximize movement so they are more efficient on the ice. She has worked with NHL teams such as the Colorado Avalanche, Anaheim Ducks, Buffalo Sabres, Tampa Bay Lightning and has helped hundreds of athletes in her private business as well. Spots with Tracey are limited, so we encourage interested athletes to book as soon as possible.

ETS Cup:

The ETS Cup has become a staple in our offseason program. It is a tournament style league where ETS coaches draft teams and compete for the cup. The tournament will consist of six games which are played in June and July – including the medal round. Each game will include a thorough 20-minute warmup of flow style drills with both teams and three, 10 minute periods. We will also be keeping the tempo high by limiting the shifts to 1 minute. The purpose of these games is to have fun, and to keep the competitive nature alive in each athlete so they are ready to go in September.

August Pre-Skate:

If you couldn’t have guessed it, the August Pre-Skate will begin at the start of August and run until labour day. We want to get all the players ready for training camp and begin to ramp up at the correct time. These skates are high tempo to help players get back into game shape on the ice. At this point in the summer, we will reduce the training volume in the gym to increase training volume on the ice. Week one will consist of two skill and team practices, week two will include three skates and weeks three and four will have four skates in the week.

Yoga and Sparring:

It’s always good to de-load your body at the end of each phase in a program to prepare it for the next. With program add-ons such as Yoga and Sparring, our athletes love the opportunity to better their bodies in ETS through classes led by reputable instructors. Yvonne Duke is the yoga instructor we feel confident in leading the athletes through a flow that focuses diligently on soft tissue and trigger point release. Her style of yoga is low intensity and concentrates on mobility and movement. The Sparring classes at ETS are taught by Justin Bruckmann from Bruckmann’s MMA. He is a retired professional fighter who operates a successful mixed martial arts gym in Oshawa. Sparring is also done once a month like Yoga, and allows for our athletes to work on speed, agility and conditioning while challenging their athleticism in a different way.


For those who are serious about taking their game to the next level, ETS’s Offseason Program is the way to do it. Our coaches specialise in elite athlete development by focusing on the athlete’s individual needs while planning their programs. Where we see the most success is in building strong relationships with our athletes and providing a culture that allows them to thrive. We pay attention to the finer details of managing the athlete’s lifestyle away from the gym as well, because it’s not just about the choices the athlete makes at the gym – it’s about the choices they make once they leave.


Please visit our website at for more information on the various programs we offer – from Peewee to Pro – and we encourage you to book a visit with one of our coaches to get a tour and consultation.