How to Choose The Right Training Facility for Hockey Players

When it comes to athletic performance, most hockey players take their training approach as seriously as their gameplay.

From coach selection and training regimens to mealtime nutrition and recovery, there are a number of factors that hockey athletes must take into consideration when working towards their highest athletic potential.

With a variety of gyms and training programs scattered across the city, it can be overwhelming for hockey players to decide which training facility will be most effective in achieving their athletic goals.

From minor sports organizations to professional team training, there are a number of important qualities that hockey players should be looking for when choosing the right training program.

To help you get the most out of your upcoming season, here are 10 things to consider when selecting the best hockey training facility for you:


First and foremost, the location of your hockey training gym can make a world of a difference in your level of commitment.

While a conveniently-located facility may encourage you to spend more time training for the sport you love, it is also important to consider your commute during the colder Canadian months.

As Durham’s leading Athlete Development Center, our members have access to 4 state-of-the-art locations across Whitby and Vaughan to best serve their athletic needs.


One of the best ways to find an effective hockey training gym is to ask for referrals from athletes you trust.

From former coaches and teammates to professional hockey players and trainers, an enthusiastic referral can not only speak from experience, but also give you an inside peek at what that particular training gym has to offer.

With a list of beneficial qualities, word-of-mouth is one of the most reliable ways to find a service or resource that will best align with your personal needs.


When reviewing your hockey training options, take some time to look into your potential coaches and trainers.

As coaches with a reputation of being liked by their players are often coaches who love coaching, it is always an advantage to work with people who are as passionate about hockey as you are.

While different coaches may offer a different flavor in their coaching approach, try to find one that best aligns with your short and long-term goals in becoming a stronger, more confident hockey player.


A great way to evaluate the quality of a hockey training gym is to review the existing training equipment and partnerships associated with them.

At ETS for example, we pride ourselves on our long-lasting partnerships with trusted brands such as Under Armour, True Hockey, Edge Hockey Academy, OMHA and many more.

As an official Hammer Strength Training Center, we are also proud to offer high-performance training equipment to help our athletes achieve the focus, discipline and physical strength they aspire to.


While coaches and training equipment are important qualities to consider, the bulk of a hockey facility’s power will lie in the hockey programs they can offer.

As teams and individuals are often looking to grow in their flexibility, mobility, stick-handling, explosiveness and more – a well-rounded hockey gym will offer a number of focused hockey training programs to help their athletes develop their confidence and strengthen their skills.

From in-season and off-season training programs for both teams and individuals, we at ETS pride ourselves on offering a wide-range of hockey programs that strategically cater to your goals.


Whether you’re a goalie, right-winger, U10-U13 or even a professional – it will be very important to find a hockey training facility that meets your personal needs.

No matter your age, skill-set or hockey goals, our mix of ETS programs offer a variety of specialty focuses that help you maximize your athletic potential.

With personally-tailored training programs, our coaches work diligently with each and every athlete to identify their current strengths, limitations and goals to help them achieve peak athletic performance.


Much like personal referrals, testimonials and reviews can offer an exceptional glimpse into the quality and integrity of a sports facility’s training programs.

While not everyone is personally-acquainted with head coaches and/or professional hockey players, it is helpful to find online testimonials that outline their first-hand accounts of working with a particular gym, coach or program that you may be considering.

As Google reviews have become incredibly helpful in sharing personal experiences, be sure to take some time to read reviews before making an important decision for your hockey training approach.


When searching for an effective training facility, a great tip is to look for one that offers centralized resources for all of your athletic needs.

As a leading athletic development center, our ETS approach focuses on education, training, nutrition and recovery all in one centralized location.

From improving athletic performance and nutritional guidance to decreasing injury potential with in-house athletic therapists, our personalized training programs offer a tailored approach to address every aspect of our athletes’ needs.


With a variety of athletic services available, there are always options to best support your athletic needs, goals and overall budget.

In most cases, hockey coaches will typically offer both individual and group training sessions, with group sessions being more affordable between the two.

At ETS, we offer a transparent view of our group hockey training sessions for both in-season and off-season training on our Camps & Clinics page.

For personalized training options, our dedicated coaches are proud to offer complimentary consultations to develop a tailored hockey training plan that best supports your needs.


Finally, take advantage of free consultations to get a better feel for the vibe, quality and overall environment of the hockey training gym you are considering!

From facility tours and informational sessions to coach meet-and-greets and Q&As, most athletic development centers are more than happy to spend some time answering your most pressing questions and getting to know your personal athletic goals.

At ETS, our dedicated coaches are thrilled to help passionate hockey players build the strength, power and confidence they need to achieve their best hockey season yet.