We’re going to be honest with you: The vast majority of training programs out there will hurt your team.Why? Training.

You see, there are lots of sport-specific training programs and camps to help your athletes improve their skills. BUT the more time your athletes spend on the ice, field, or pitch the greater the risk of physical and mental fatigue, muscular and skeletal overcompensation and injury.


  • Athletes are specializing at younger ages.
  • Team schedules that used to be just a few months have expanded – often lasting all year long.


The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Overuse injuries, over-training, and burnout among adolescents athletes are a growing problem…

Dr. James Andrews, as reported in an interview with the NY Times:

…now sees four times as many overuse injuries in youth sports as he did five years ago and that more children today are having to undergo surgery for chronic sports injuries.

This constant physical load is taxing their bodies to a greater degree than ever. How can ETS help?


At ETS we believe in building the complete athlete through Training, Nutrition AND Recovery.

But what if that’s just a slick catchphrase written by the marketing department? Before we move forward, there has to be trust. So first, we want you to contact us for a complimentary, no obligation consultation. During this consultation, which lasts about an hour, we will:

  • Go over the ETS philosophy and how it can help you and your athletes achieve your goals in the safest and most efficient way possible
  • Discuss your team and its season schedule, training, nutrition and medical history
  • Give you a tour of our facility
  • Answer any questions you have about ETS Team Training packages and how we can work together to create a program that will work for your team

Once we agree to move forward, here’s what you can expect:


After identifying imbalances, movement dysfunctions and other problem indicators, we will begin implementing individual corrective movement programs with each athlete so they will be physically prepared to begin our ETS Team Training programs.


Once we’ve assessed and corrected your athlete’s movements we can begin your full strength and conditioning program. Purpose focused, injury preventative programs designed to help your team reach the next level.

Check out these other teams that have trusted ETS with their athletes:

In addition to our strength and conditioning program, your athletes will have full access to our team and services throughout your season. Contact Us today to see what we can do for your team.