The Road to 100 Challenge!



What is the Road to 100?

  • Strong-man/Strong-woman competition
  • Enter as a team to train/prep and compete against others from all over the province in our RT100 Warrior Challenge
  • It is 100 days of healthy living: training consistently, proper nutrition, and recovery

What makes us different?

  • Anyone can enter no matter your level of fitness
  • We provide programs to help you prepare/peak for our RT100 Final Challenge
  • We work with a team of highly knowledgeable professionals in order to provide a holistic approach to your training/lifestyle

What is new this year?

  • Using the principles of our RT100 program we are offering two packages:
  • In-person Training
    • Includes high performance coaching, training programs (5x/week) from January to April, nutrition plan/support, Assessment/Re-assessments, weekly fitness challenges 
  • Online Training
    • Includes online training program (5x/week) from January to April nutrition plan/support, online-specific assessment/re-assessments, online weekly fitness challenges 
  • ALL – Point system for monitoring
    • Provide quantitative data to help people make better decisions throughout RT100 in order to better prep for the final competition


2021 RT100 Structure:

  • Participants will enter as a team (minimum of 10 people) or as an individual
    • If someone enters as an individual, they will be placed on a team  
  • Teams will use ETS training programs to help prepare for the Finale at the end of April
    • Whether your team is training in-person or online with ETS, all RT100 teams are eligible to compete in the RT100 Final Challenge (located at the Whitby Soccer Dome)
      • Teams may travel from all over the province in order to compete
    • Special events/community calls (virtual) will be bi-weekly/monthly
      • Using ETS’ network of professionals we will provide educational seminars/online sessions pertaining to training tips, nutrition, recovery, mindfulness, and more.

Cost & Payment

  • 4 Month Membership
    • Commitment (January – April 2021)
      • $200/month plus hst for premium membership (In-person)
      • $75/month plus hst for online membership
  • Available meal service –Rampant chef
    • Additional costs

Special Discount

Early Bird Special – RT100 Bootcamp (located at Whitby Soccer Dome)

  • Participate in our special 4 week program to get a taste of the RT100, and to see what it’s like to work with our team
      • Every Saturday @9:00am – from Nov. 21st – Dec.12th  
      • Cost => $50 plus hst per person
  • If you attend all 4 weeks you get a discount of 50% off your first month for your RT100 membership

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