The ETS Team will provide you with the tools you need to perform at your highest level. The ETS Philosophy is a dedication to helping you, the athlete, maximize your potential by:

  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Decrease Injury Potential
  • Motivation Via/ Through Education



What We Are

  • Athletes and ‘Everyday’ Athletes
  • Expanding the ETS brand / market
  • Athletes that are in need / want to learn how to train effectively and fuel the body effectively for optimum performance. All Athletes that demonstrate dedication, focus, and accountability are welcome.
  • ETS is for any athlete in any sport. We are ability builders- speed / strength / power / flexibility / speed / agility/ quickness
  • ETS is an Athletic Development Centre

What We Are Not!

  • Not a Corporate Fitness Facility and/ or Gym

Your Passion + Our Knowledge = Success

Our dedicated coaches work with each of our athletes and guide them along the road to athletic success. Consistency- being an athlete is a full time job that requires sacrifice and passion. Commitment- bringing a positive attitude to each and every training session, no excuses. Courage- the courage to be dedicated to a goal regardless of your surroundings. We train and teach our Athletes to become invested in the future and in themselves for the rest of their life. ETS athletes are clients for life. ETS is not just a place to ‘workout’ it is a centre for athletes young and old to train and develop.

Who Has Your Back… ETS Does

Above ALL else ETS will always be dedicated to our Athletes and our mission. All training techniques, methods, and nutritional supplementation are safe and ethical magyargenerikus.com… GUARANTEED!

It’s time to rise above the crowd and bring your game to the next level. Talk to an expert trainer today and book your FREE consultation.