Our Nutrition Program involves individual adult & athlete assessment, plus supplement protocol. The program is custom to the needs & requirements of each individual. Whether you are looking to lose body fat, achieve better health or if you are training for sport & competition. Elite Training Systems teaches adults & athletes how to develop habits that will allow them to function, move & feel better or train & play at an elite level.

Program Features:

  • Individual Assessments
  • Custom Eating Plan
  • Continual Follow Up
  • Education & Continuing Education
  • Better Habit Development Training

Athletes Plate

Athletes Plate


At Elite Training Systems we are big believers of keeping everything simple when it comes to a Nutrition Plan. We often find that majority of people are misled or confused as to what good nutrition is. Once you have yourself in a great habit of the basics, it is easy to make small adjustments in order to meet your individual needs & requirements. That is why Elite Training Systems developed the ‘Athletes Plate’ which is the staple philosophy in any of our adults or athletes Nutrition Plan.

Tap & Tankard Food

The Athletes Plate is an easy to follow template that simply shows you what every meal should look like. It is balanced & meets all the criteria to assist in energy demands A consistent habit of the Athletes Plate will help build & maintain lean muscle mass, as well as promote a healthy recovery process. REAL FOOD = REAL RESULTS

ETS has partnered with the Tap & Tankard to offer delicious Ready Made Meals, delivered seasonally on a daily basis at your request to add more convenience to your busy lifestyle. These ETS certified meals are healthy & delicious & will provide your body the proper nutrients to refuel, train harder, move & perform better. We also offer high energy, healthy snacks in the ETS Kitchen to fuel your hectic day. If you have dietary restrictions or food allergies, rest assure we will adapt your meals to your needs.

Your commitment to eating a clean, well balanced Nutrition Plan consistently, in combination with Elite Training Systems professional & complete approach to training will allow you to be your best in life & in sport.

Food Journals

Adults & Athletes are required to record their food & hydration levels daily with weekly check-ins with assistance from one of the ETS Coaches. Diets and fads don’t work! Our Coaches teach the adults & athletes about making BETTER CHOICES around the food they already eat or items they need to add, which will continue indefinitely. We recommend written journals or taking pics of your plate for Coaches review. We need to know exactly what you are consuming & when, in order to help.


Just as crucial as proper quality nutrition is, Elite Training Systems puts a lot of focus on being & staying properly hydrated for results & performance. We are constantly shocked by the amount of adults & athletes we come across that are dehydrated! Symptoms of Dehydration can be detected by the colour of your urine, feeling thirsty, fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness, loss of concentration, just to name a few, because there are more. Avoid fruit juices, coffee, soft drinks, many sport drinks & energy drinks. Optimal Hydration is necessary to be able to maintain a high level of function within the body & peak performance. If there is any habit we focus on building first is proper Hydration. Nothing can replace what water does for the body, considering 75% of our total body mass is made up from water!


It is important to support a proper Nutrition Plan with Supplementation. That is why ETS only uses the best supplements on the market. BioSteel is our core brand, due to the fact that their model is built on the sound principle of clean supplements for all people & especially for athletes! BioSteel batch tests the products they produce, from the High Performance Sports Drink during your sessions, to providing Advanced Formula/Whey Protein Isolate Shakes Post-Training, so you know what you are consuming is beneficial for performance & recovery. For the record a lot of supplement companies do not test the products they sell, which means you cannot be fully aware of what is in the container, is the same as what it states on the label. Look for this logo on any supplement you purchase:

Available to adults & athletes is our Supplement Package from Genestra. We strongly recommend taking Genestra’s High Grade Mulit-Vitamin, which we cannot consume enough vitamins & minerals in a day from food alone. Probiotics to help support stomach health & promote digestion. Fish Oils to aid in heart & brain function & reducing inflammation in the body. Vitamin D is beneficial, as well, considering the Sun is our main source & the simple fact remains, in Canada we only receive it for long periods of time, seasonally.

Importance of Nutrition Focus & Habit Building

You cannot out train poor lifestyle in regards to nutrition. Simple fact is, athletes, or anyone looking for training results require proper nutrition or their goals will not be reached. We will repeat this once more, REAL FOOD = REAL RESULTS.

Once the good habit is built & consistency is in place, proper nutrition becomes almost like second nature, producing desired results, when goal obtaining.

Biosteel Supplements
ETS Kitchen Nutrition

We Have It Right

Our Nutrition Programs are focused on nutrition education, we teach & help build better nutrition habits. From offering Ready Made Meals for pre or post training, to Grocery Store Tours & Cooking Classes we train adults & athletes alike to become invested in their health & performance future.

Want to learn more & increase knowledge, sign up for the Elite Training Systems Nutrition Program, email to get started or call 905-430-4349